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Energize Southwest DC!

St. Augustine’s Partners with Community Purchase Alliance

In November of 2015, the Jesse Ball duPont Fund announced that St. Augustine’s had been awarded a $120,000 grant to partner with the Community Purchasing Alliance in bringing income-saving energy initiatives to our Southwest DC neighborhood! To learn directly abour this intiative, visit

CPA is a social-purpose cooperative that leverages the buying power of community institutions to help lower operating costs, while also making investments in sustainability, worker equity, and community organizing. Our parish is energized by the tremendous possibilities working with CPA will present. Starting with solar panels on our own rectory, we will facilitate the affordable development of solar projects on rooftops throughout Southwest DC. We will lead our neighboring congregations and non-profits to help them achieve substantial savings on expenses while advancing energy saving projects in their buildings. And we will pilot a program to extend CPA's membership benefits to co-operative housing units, civic associations, and neighborhood groups. This partnership with CPA will allow St. Augustine's to make introductions and invite new members to join a cooperative that can serve our collective needs to maintain our buildings, steward our resources, and leverage our collective power to anchor a new kind of wealthbuilding for the members of our community that most need our support.

The $120,000, which covers administrative and outreach costs for two years, will assist in making this partnership a successful reality, and will secure a new level of community-led investment. The decision-making process within CPA allows for participants to actively set the direction the local alliance takes. Using CPA as a vehicle, St. Augustine's is excited to facilitate the development of this transformative model, while also using it to energize our parish and the Southwest community as we undergo significant change. CPA also provides a way for us to give back to the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, which has been very supportive of us over the past few years. By helping to introduce CPA to other parishes in the Diocese, we will extend the financial benefits offered by CPA to many other congregations. We are in the process of forming a partnership team to work with CPA and their Executive Director, Felipe Witchger, over the next two years. If you would like to learn more about the work of the Community Purchasing Alliance, please see their website at