Welcome Rev. Lipscomb

Over the last five months your Vestry has worked hard, long and diligently in the tedious and meticulous process of calling a Priest-in-Charge. Your participation in the townhall meetings discussing and sharing your input on the attributes, characteristics and personal warmth you wanted us to find in a new Priest-in-Charge was listened to and helped us move forward in our task in finding the best person for St. Augustine’s.

St. Augustine’s is moving forward in the next chapter of our history. We want to hold on to our values, mission and goals that we have long been known for in our community. However, we need someone who brings fresh and new ideas of how we can move forward. We need someone who has energy to reinvigorate us as a church community but also use that new invigorating energy to share God’s word with new people who have moved into the Southwest community. We want a person who wants to lead us in the direction of faith, belief and caring for others while encouraging new people to become members of our beloved St. Augustine’s. We want to continue to open our doors to those who seek a new beginning with God, enhance their understanding of what it is to be an Episcopalian, and encourage those to come and just be with us and learn about God’s love.

We the Vestry are happy to announce with the blessings and approval of Bishop Mariann, that we have chosen the Rev. Scott Lipscomb to be St. Augustine’s new Priest-in-Charge. Scott is married to Anne Nicholson who is also an Episcopal priest, they have a young daughter named Magdalena. Rev. Scott’s first Sunday with us will be Nov. 3, 2019. His official first day as Priest- in-Charge for St. Augustine’s is Nov 1, 2019. Scott was previously the Assistant Rector at St. Marks Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.

Please join us as we welcome the Rev. Scott Lipscomb and his family with open arms as he becomes our new Priest-in-Charge.