Lenten Learning

Note that at this time, due to the threat of coronavirus, we are not gathering in-person at the church. All services, classes, and meetings will be held remotely. To join by phone, call 301-715-8592 and then enter code 555-06-20024#. You can also watch our service online at: https://www.facebook.com/staugustinesdc/live 



The season of Lent—the 46 days before Easter—has traditionally been a time of self-reflection and penitence for Christians. It is also the time when newcomers were educated about Scripture, theology, and what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus.

So, this year we held a Lenten Learning series each Sunday from March 8 through April 5, covering the basics of Christian faith in 5 sessions:


March 8: Who is God?

  • What does it mean to say that God is the "creator"?
  • Is God beyond the world—or within it?
  • Can someone believe in science and God?


March 15: What is Sin?

  • What does it mean to say that the world is "fallen"?
  • Why would God allow for sin to happen?
  • What does the Bible actually say about sin?


March 23: Why is Jesus important?

  • Why do Christians believe Jesus is God?
  • How does Jesus help to heal the broken world?
  • What does it mean to be a "disciple"?

Due to some technical difficulties the day of recording, we don't have a video for this session right now. However, some of the main points are summarized in the later videos below:


March 29: What is the Church?

  • What is the Church for?
  • Why do Christians talk about being the "Body of Christ"?
  • What does the Church do?


April 5: What is Salvation?

  • What do Christians hope for?
  • What reason do we have to really accept this hope?
  • Why does our search for God seem to end in mystery?