Each week, Rev. Scott, guest clergy, or a member of the congregation offers a sermon, seeking to unpack, interpret, and apply the Scriptural lessons of the day to our lives and help us see how God is calling us to love and serve God's world.

Below, you will find recordings of past sermons.




Pentecost & the Season After


Thin Places & Thin Times: Surprised by God—The 7th Sunday after Pentecost: July 19, 2020


From Flesh to Spirit: Becoming Good Soil—The 6th Sunday after Pentecost: July 12, 2020


Walking the Walk of All Our Freedom Talk: Facing the Hypocrisy of the 4th of July: July 5, 2020



Un-binding Isaac: Finding God & Ending Human Sacrifice: The 4th Sunday after Pentecost—June 28, 2020



Facing the Sins of Abraham: The 3rd Sunday after Pentecost—June 21, 2020


Holy Hospitality: Welcoming God Into Our Midst: The 2nd Sunday after Pentecost—June 14, 2020


The Bible Says: Black Lives Matter: Trinity Sunday—June 7, 2020


Alleluia! It's the Apocalypse! Pentecost—May 31, 2020


Easter Season Series: Hope in a Hopeless Time


Graceful Judgment: The Feast of Thurgood Marshall—May 17, 2020

Scott focuses on the Hebrew Bible reading appointed for this feast day, Amos 5:10-15, 21-24. For the full text, click here.


The Struggle is Real: 5th Sunday of Easter—May 10, 2020

The readings for this sermon can be found at the lectionary page.


Passing Through the Gate: 4th Sunday of Easter—May 3, 2020


This Strange New Jesus: 3rd Sunday of Easter—April 26, 2020


2nd Sunday of Easter—April 19, 2020: Doubting & Believing


Easter Sunday—April 12, 2020: Hope in a Hopeless Time


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The Triduum series: "Grace Granted"

The Great Vigil of Easter—April 11, 2020: Grace Granted, part 3: Grace Beyond Limit


Good Friday—April 10, 2020: Grace Granted, part 2: Taking Up Our Cross


Maundy Thursday—April 9, 2020: Grace Granted, part 1: Learning Our Limits


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     April 5, 2020: Rejoicing in the Wilderness


     March 29, 2020: Living Our Best Life Now
     Guest Sermon by Seminarian Clint Brown


     March 22, 2020: Rush to Blame—Slow to Help


     March 15, 2020: Moses in the Wilderness


     March 8, 2020: Being Born Again: A Lesson from the Caterpillar


     March 1, 2020: Who are We? And Who Do We Want to Be?


     Ash Wednesday, February 26, 2020: What do you Treasure?


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The Season After the Epiphany


     February 23, 2020: African-Americans and the Vote
     guest sermon by Mr. Robert Graham


     February 16, 2020: A Church's Commitment to Remembrance
     guest sermon by the Rev. Yolanda Rolle


     February 9, 2020: Finding More Salt & Light


     February 2, 2020: Big White Sins


     January 19, 2020: Hearing Martin Luther King


     January 12, 2020: I'll Wait for You to Change Your Mind!


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Christmas Season


     January 5, 2020: Learning to Pray with the Three Wise Men


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     December 29, 2019: A Light in the Darkness


     Christmas Day, 2019: God is on Our Side


     Christmas Eve, 2019: The Gift of Christmas


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Advent Series: "Looking Back & Moving Forward"


     December 22, 2019: Advent 4: Where Is Jesus Leading Us?


     December 15, 2019, Advent 3: Who is Jesus Today?


     December 8, 2019, Advent 2: Who was Jesus?


     December 1, 2019, Advent 1: What is Advent All About?


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