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February Outreach: SWNA’s Youth Activities Task Force


Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s Youth Activities Task Force (SWNA-YATF) uses contributions to help keep SW Wolfpack teams, consisting of up to 25 in each team of five different age groups (ages 5 through 14), training from April through November and competing city-wide against other neighborhoods. Each year, much equipment is passed on from last year’s teams, including jerseys and football pants, helmets and shoulder pads. But some always need replacing.

The all-volunteer SWNA-YATF meets and considers mini grants regularly, allowing funds to be issued quickly or at an average of about $1000 awarded monthly.

In addition to the grants above, SWNA-YATF continues to be one of the main supporters of the athletics programs at King Greenleaf Recreation Center . Volunteer coaches at the recreation center start our local kids at a young age – mostly from Amidon-Bowen Elementary School – learning teamwork, following instructions.

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution, payable to the SWNA-YATF, PO Box 70131, Washington DC 20024.

Thelma D. Jones is a member of SWNA’s Board and is the Chairperson of SWNA-YATF.