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Learning Together at St. A's

Christian faith is about learning a new way to live—letting go of selfishness in order to see and reflect God's love in the world. This means that we must be endlessly curious about God, our world, and our own journey of faith!


St. A's offers many ways to learn:

Rev. Scott, or a guest preacher, offers a sermon every Sunday during the service at 9:30am that unpacks Scripture and helps us to apply it to our lives today.


Occasionally, we hold special forums after the service, that may address the topic of the sermon, or other issues: such as the legacy of Justice Thurgood Marshall, recent events, or other social and theological topics. Newcomers are always welcome to join!

Rev. Scott also holds special formation opportunities at various points in the year. For Fall of 2024, he is offering a 4-week course on the Gospel according to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. The classes will be held on Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm, starting September 28. The class will be available in-person and via Zoom, and recordings will also be made available via Youtube after the facts.

Please join us for any event that interests you! If you have any questions, just email Rev. Scott.

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