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Learning Together at St. A's

Christian faith is about learning a new way to live—letting go of selfishness in order to see and reflect God's love in the world. This means that we must be endlessly curious about God, our world, and our own journey of faith!


St. A's offers many ways to learn:

Rev. Scott, or a guest preacher, offers a sermon every Sunday during the service at 9:30am that unpacks Scripture and helps us to apply it to our lives today.

After our service on Sundays, we gather for our Sunday Forum at 10:45am for discussion and debate. We reflect on the scripture passages for the day, current events, and our own struggle to live more God-focused lives. Everyone is welcome!

We also hold a once-a-month Bible Study called Wrestling with the Angel that meets via Zoom at 7pm every 2nd Thursday. Our next session will be on February 10th, when we will read Scripture and seek to understand the work of Forgiving. Please join us via Zoom!

The sermon and forum are available in-person and via Zoom. Currently, our Wrestling with the Angel Bible Study is available only via Zoom.


Please join us! If you want to join by Zoom, just email Rev. Scott and he will provide you with our Zoom connection information.

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