Worshiping with St. A's

Since the middle of March 2020, we have been worshiping remotely online and by phone due to the coronavirus. Although we are not able to gather in the same place, we are able to gather at the same time—and in this time, we seek to know, love, and serve God together.

You can join us for worship every Sunday at 9:30am on Facebook Live.

You can also join us for Evening Prayer every Tuesday at 6:30 on Facebook Live as well.

The Season of Lent

Lent began on Wednesday, February 17th! We held our Ash Wednesday service online. We weren't able to received the traditional ashes on our foreheads, but we instead meditated on another potent symbol of the season: soil. On Ash Wednesday, we hear "remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." At a time of illness, inequality, corruption, and deception—when our lives may feel like barren ground—what would it mean to instead cultivate that ground, so that it might be fallow soil?

This is the question Rev. Scott asked in his Ash Wednesday homily, and he encouraged everyone to spend some time each day asking these two questions: what feels like barren ground in your life right now? And, with God's help, how can you transform what feels barren into fallow soil: can you see the possibility of new life coming through?

We plan to continue meditating on these important questions throughout Lent. We hope you'll join us on this spiritual journey of honest self-reflection.

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