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Our Leadership

St. Augustine's is led by ordained and lay leaders. Each leader's email address is included as a link through their name:

The Rev. Scott Lipscomb has served as our priest-in-charge since November of 2019. Scott graduated from the General Theological Seminary in 2014 and was ordained in 2018. He is married to the Rev. Anne Nicholson, who is also a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. They have one child, a daughter named Maggie.


St. Augustine's also has a body of elected lay leaders called the vestry. The vestry is led by Senior Steward Ms. Tara Ramsey.

St. Augustine's worship music is led by Mr. Diego Nava, a wonderful pianist with a passion for jazz.

St. Augustine's facilities are maintained by Ms. Byrul Blaney; inquiries about using space at the parish in the future can be directed to her.

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