Our Leadership

St. Augustine's is led by ordained and lay leaders. Each leader's email address is included as a link through their name:

The Rev. Scott Lipscomb has served as our priest-in-charge since November of 2019. Scott graduated from the General Theological Seminary in 2014 and was ordained in 2018. He is married to the Rev. Anne Nicholson, who is also a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. They have one child, a daughter named Maggie.


St. Augustine's also has a body of elected lay leaders called the vestry. The vestry is led by Senior Steward Ms. Cheryl Tyler and Junior Steward Ms. Tara Ramsey.

St. Augustine's worship music is led by Mr. Diego Nava, a wonderful pianist with a passion for jazz.

St. Augustine's facilities are maintained by Ms. Byrul Blaney; inquiries about using space at the parish in the future can be directed to her.