Women’s History Month Forum!

This Sunday, March 27th, We welcome Dr. Shannon R. Wooden, Professor of English literature at Missouri State University, where she coordinated the Gender Studies program for several years and currently chairs the Disability Studies program. She will discuss the beginnings of Women’s History Month and its emphasis on voice and education. She will also discuss what is left to be done through the initiative of Women’s History Month, including examining COVID life and gendered roles, the role of intersectionality in Women’s History Month and broadening the ideas of "gender" to include others for whom binary and patriarchal  definitions of gender have been historically limiting.


Dr. Shannon R. Wooden

Shannon regularly teaches critical theory, literature and medicine, British literature from the 19th century to present, and disability studies. Recent and current research focuses on literary and popular representations of gender and ability, including boy culture as represented in Pixar movies; disability and masculinity in the television series Breaking Bad; and teaching with critical disability studies, medical humanities, and empathy.

The forum will begin a few minutes after the service (approximately 10:45am), both in-person and on Zoom. (To access our Zoom channel, just email Rev. Scott). Please join us!

Sunday Forum

After our service on Sundays, we gather for our Sunday Forum at 10:30am for discussion and debate. We reflect on the scripture passages for the day, current events, and our own struggle to live more God-focused lives. Everyone is welcome! In the early of summer 2021, we continue to hold our worship and forum remotely online.

Beginning in the middle of June 2021, we have begun a new series called Theology in the News​we will look at a news article and ask both how our faith might call us to respond, and what the news might teach us about God and God's creation.

To join us, join us on Sundays for worship; after the service our Forum will begin around 10:30amAlthough we will introduce the forum on Zoom and Facebook, the conversation itself will take place only on Zoom. If you'd like to join our Zoom channel on Sunday mornings, just email Rev. Scott for the link!